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The Anglo-Saxons

Our first topic this year is 'The Anglo-Saxons' and our 'Big Question' which we will be exploring this half term is 'Should people be able to live wherever they want in the world?'. During our first lesson, we looked at different events in History around the time of the Anglo-Saxons. You can see our work in the photographs below.

In our second lesson, we thought about invaders and settlers and whether this type of movement from country to country occurs in modern times. The children were able to respectfully discuss how some of their families came to England from other countries for different reasons and how this compares with this period of History. 

We also took part in a role-play session to understand the priorities of invaders and settlers and the reasons for their decisions. The children were in two groups: Anglo-Saxons arriving in England on a wooden boat and villagers who already lived in Briton. 

The children appointed chieftains and discussed what they thought they needed to do to protect their families. Photographs of their conversations and the teaching prompts are below!

Some children were so excited at the thought of making Anglo-Saxon houses at school that they made one at home as well! Photographs are below. Well done children!

We designed, made and evaluated our Anglo-Saxon houses at school. The large bale of hay caused lots of excitement! Please see photos of us making our houses below and some of the finished articles!

We found out about Anglo-Saxon farming and food. We discovered that they didn't have sugar!! Instead, so that they could sweeten food, they kept bees and used honey in their recipes. We had a go at making cakes and biscuits using only ingredients that the Anglo-Saxons would have had available.   

Here are links to the recipes we used. Try them at home!:

We found out about how the Anglo-Saxons made their clothes. They couldn't just buy them in a shop! We tried weaving and using a simple loom. 

We also discovered that they didn't have buttons or zips on their clothing. So we made brooches as this is what they would have used to fasten their clothes together!

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