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If your child is accessing our remote learning offer, they will be spending more time than usual online. This makes it more important than ever to make sure they are protected when they are onloine (E-Safety).

Teachers will only set work through the See Saw app; any links they ask the children to follow will be thoroughly checked to make sure they are safe; any videos that are posted will have been made by the teachers themselves or will have been reviewed to make sure they are appropriate.

|For advice on keeping your child safe online, you could start at here you will find advice on online learning, online gaming and the most popular apps.

Click on the following link to find out more information about keeping your children safe online, please click here:

Internet Safety

In school, we teach the children about the importance of keeping themselves safe online.  Children with access to the internet at home should understand that as well as providing a great resource for all of us, the internet can be a very dangerous place, particularly for young, impressionable children.

As parents, your influence in helping your children to understand the dangers, as well as the opportunities the internet can bring, is huge.  It is vital that, as parents, you feel confident in ensuring your children’s safe use of the internet and social networking sites.  For more information, take a look at the UK Safer Internet Centre website:

The website will provide helpful and practical information as to what you, as parents, are able to do to inform, protect and educate your children about the internet and how it should be used.

Another useful site is:– this site has lots of good resources and advice for parents, including advice on how to put Parental Controls in place. (helpful videos for parents) Advice and resources for Parents including Free Parental controls for use on your home WiFi

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