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Catholic Social Teaching: Dignity of work

Work is important in God’s plan for adults and their families, so jobs and pay should be fair and everyone should have access to their fair share of resources.


In Summer 2, the children will be thinking about workers...because human beings are social by their very nature, human dignity is not realised in isolation but is realised in community with others. The dignity of the person is lived out in society by the fulfilment of personal responsibilities. Work is one such essential responsibility which shapes and fulfils human dignity by providing for the needs of one’s self and one’s family.

Work belongs to the vocation of every person. Work is an essential means by which the goods of the earth and the creative capacities of human beings are engaged to provide for human flourishing and the common good. Human work is the fulfilment of human dignity by engaging in and cooperating with the creative work of God.

As part of our enrichment programme, the children will be thinking about their talents and ambitions. What do they want to be when they grow up? What job would they shine in?

As part of this, they will consider how their God-given talents can be used to aim high and achieve. They can get good jobs, contribute to society and achieve their potential #raisingrochdale

On the 5th July 2024, children can come to school wearing clothes suitable for their chosen career - be it a spacesuit, ballet tutu or doctor's coat! We are looking forward to seeing footballers, teachers, you tubers and maybe even a prime minister :)

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