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We have lots of events for parents and carers and you are all very welcome! We love to show you what your children have been learning in our curriculum workshops:

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Every term we hold a 'Stay and Pray session in every class. All parents and carers are very welcome to attend. Times and dates care communicated on the weekly newsletter and in text messages.

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We also send home bags to recognise important elements of the liturgical year:

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Every class has a PE showcase - this is where parents and carers can come to the hall and watch their children demonstrate the PE skills they have learnt that term. Parents are encouraged to join in and have a go! Your children will tell you what to do :)

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Here is what some of the parents of our children commented on at a recent Parents' Evening:

'My daughter is very happy at Nursery. She is learning a lot of English and at home, she speaks it with the family'.


'I feel that my son has settled very well and he looks forward to going to Nursery. He is always talking about what he has done in the day'.


'It is a multicultural school and welcomes people from different backgrounds'.


'I like the positive improvements, such as the new kick pitch'.


'The teachers are very approachable, in fact all the staff are very helpful. Thanks'.


'The best primary school in Rochdale!'.


'I like how you manage the school and how you help people when they are stuck'.


'Excellent relationship with parents'.

'Teachers are working really hard - the best school!'


'I like the way the children are welcomed to school in the morning'.


'Friendly and welcoming. My children are happy here'.


Other Sites of Interest

Lots of fun activities for 4-8 year olds.

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Help you child's reading. Ages 5-7.

This site will allow your child to improve their writing using Where? When? What? and Why? Ages 5-10.




We are working closely with children to educate them on the potential dangers of using the internet. In this area you will find information on how to keep a control of what sites your children are accessing and how to monitor their usage.







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