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Fitness Studio

At St. John's we like to think of creative ways to spend the sports premium money we receive. Our latest project saw us create a brand new Fitness Studio. There were two main reasons behind this development, the first being the battle against obesity. Not only do we want to help pupils work on their stamina and general fitness but also to help them make health an important factor in their life for years to come.

Secondly, we really want children and staff  to have the opportunity of using a facility that is linked to mindfulness and wellbeing. We strongly believe that exercise is a fantastic way of turning off your mind for a short time and having the chance to release endorphins is a brilliant way to reset your brain.

The studio has treadmills, water rowers, cross trainers, exercise bikes, trampoline, a freestyle workout area, a dance floor, a skierg machine as well as many modern technology features.

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