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In PE this year, classes will be covering Gymnastics; Athletics; Dance; Fitness and Games (invasion and evasion).


KS1 assessment: Gymnastics and Games

KS2 assessment: Gymnastics; Dance; Athletics and Fitness


The KS2 Athletics and Fitness assessments test the children on criteria such as stamina, endurance, flexibility, speed, how far they can throw, and distance jumped through straight jump, and a hop, skip and jump.

These assessments have been created by Mr. Hickman and are designed to give your child and overall grade from 1b to 5a.



This year we want to enter every possible competition as well as playing as many fixtures in as wide a variety of sports as possible. Last years activities included:

Hockey; Football; Rounders; Basketball; Karate; Swimming; Lacrosse; Cross Country; Athletics; Netball; Dodgeball; Dance; Rugby; Gymnastics; Playground Pals; Orienteering and Cricket.


8th – 29th  September

  • Boy’s football at Holy Family
  • Netball at St. Vincent’s 
  • Sainsbury’s school games yr3/4 football
  • Sainsbury’s school games Cross Country 3-4 and 5-6


1st – 13th October

  • Netball at home v’s Sacred Heart
  • Sainsbury’s school games Athletics prelims
  • Football v’s St. Mary’s
  • Girl’s football match x2
  • Year 3&4 Football v’s Sacred Heart
  • Dodge ball comp v’s St. James


14th– 24th  October 

  • Football matches – 2 x boys, 1 x girls, 1 x mixed
  • Lacrosse at St. Vincent’s


3rd - 17th November 

  • Cricket at St. Vincent’s
  • Hockey Comp
  • KS1 Mini-stars
  • Netball match x2
  • Boy’s football x2
  • Girl’s football


November 18th – December 19th

  • Netball x2
  • Football match x2
  • Football comp. girl’s x1
  • Mini Olympics at Beech House
  • Tennis match
  • RL match


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