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During this year, we have lots of exciting science lessons planned. We will be focusing on:

smiley Materials
smiley Plants
smiley Animals including humans
smiley Seasons


Our first science topic is ‘Materials’. We named the different everyday materials and explored the objects around our classroom to identify which materials they were made from. We then had a think about which materials we thought were natural and which we thought were man made. Within the next lesson we explored the properties of some of the materials and made predictions. Below you will see photographs of us predicting if an object would bend, stretch, twist or squash. Some of our findings took us by surprise! We recorded our findings in a table.


Our second science topic is ‘Plants’. We will be learning about and naming a variety of common and wild garden plants as well as exploring how seeds grow and change. We will be exploring different fruits and vegetables by tasting them and cutting them in half to see what they look like on the inside! We will be doing some drawings of our observations. Below you will see some photographs of us tasting fruits and vegetables, exploring plants in our school gardens and of us doing some detailed drawings of what we found.  



Animals including Humans

During this topic we will be exploring how humans and animals are different to each other. We will link this to our ‘dinosaurs’ topic and explore further how dinosaurs and humans are different to each other. We will then go on to explore in-depth the different types of dinosaurs and learn about which dinosaurs were herbivores and which were carnivores. We will also explore the differences between common animals we see around us every day and we will look carefully at the behaviour and habitats of creatures we might find in the school grounds. We will learn about animals close to and in the home, with a particular focus on the pets we keep and how we keep them happy and healthy

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