One family in Christ

Religious Education


Our first RE lesson was spent taking time to reflect on our journey into Year Two. The children shared their thoughts and feelings about their new beginning and placed them onto our RE alter. During collective worship, we have focused on our Big Question ‘How can we make the world fair?’, taking time to reflect. Throughout the term we will be focusing on the story of Creation and expressing our thoughts through role-play and prayer. The children will begin to plan their own collective worship and read specific readings that are special to them. 


​​​​​​                                                                                       'Belonging'

During this topic, we will be looking at Baptism and being a part of God's family. The children will look at signs and symbols around the school and talk about their meanings. The children will role-play Baptism and begin to idenify significant features of the church. We will be keeping our eyes open during our whole school mass for the features that we discover! smiley



The children will be exploring the importance of books and focusing closley on the importance of the Bible. We will be exploring the Gospels and discussing their meanings, specifically looking at gospel values. The children we explore different stories that we read in the bible and explore the key vocabulary to allow them to re-tell significant stories. 


                                                         'Thanks giving' 

During this topic, the children will look closely at 'forgiveness'. They will explore on Ash Wednesday and follow the journey of Lent during our sessions and collective worships. The children will be re-enacting specific events and sequencing the story of The Last Supper, looking at symbols throughout.

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