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Religious Education


We started off our first topic with answering questions like 'What do you love about yourself?' and 'What makes you unique?'. After we had given this some thinking time and shared our thoughts, we then read the story 'The Stone Cutter.' During this topic, we also looked at our unique God given qualities and our appreciation of difference. We worked together to discuss our qualities and differences and how they make us speical. There are some examples of our work in the photographs below.

The 'Day of the Dead'

To celebrate the 'Day of the Dead' we learnt all about the festival and we created a shrine similar to those that are created by the people that celebrate this period of time. Our shrine is for all of the orangutans that have been killed due to deforestation. We have gained great empathy for orangutans in topic lessons and also learnt how clever they are from Jane Goodall in science!

In topic lessons, we have been learning about deforestation. Deforestation is when trees are cut down for a purpose like: farmers making space for animals to live that will then be killed and used to feed humans meat, chopping down trees to make paper and furniture, and for making palm oil which can be found in items like shampoo and chocolate. Lots of orangutans are being killed when the trees are being cut down, or are losing their homes and the food that they eat.

Within our shrine year 5 decided to have:

  • a little orangutan as it is a shrine for them
  • bananas because that’s what they like to eat
  • lots of green trees because that would make the orangutans happy and they could live and play in the trees
  • a map to help guide them home when the gates of heaven open
  • Romero crosses that we made which are dedicated to the orangutans.

There are some photos of our 'Day of the dead' celebrations below.

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