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heart Within Literacy lessons, we focus all of our work around a series of texts. Our text this half term are based around our topic ‘Africa’. Below is a little information about what we have been up to in Literacy! Please check the images below which link to the information here smiley


heart 'Bringing the rain to Kapiti-Plain' by Verna Aardema

For the first few weeks in Year Two, we have been busy learning the different animals that live in Africa. We have written about their features and used describing words to extend our sentences. Year Two have been experimenting with co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions within their writing and focusing on using phonics to support them when spelling. For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on writing a letter to Ki-Pat to thank him, using vocabulary from the text.


Autumn 2 heart

This term is based around 'London'. The children are focusing on two texts 'The Queen's Orangutan' and 'The Queen's Knickers'. We will be writing for different purposes, including the knowledge and vocablary that we learn during our topic sessions. The children will be exploring with suffixes and interesting vocabulary! They will be looking at commas, contracted form and possessive apostrophes. This will allow them to include a wide range of techniques within their writing.


You can listen to an extract from 'The Queen's Orang-utan' here!: 

Spring 1 heart

During our Dinosaur topic we will be focusing on two texts 'Giganotosaurus' and ______________. Throughout this topic we will be looking expanded noun phrases, including a range of vocabulary in our writing and working on coherence. The children will continue to expand their knowledge of dinosaurs through books that are related to the topic and draw from their reading. We will be writing for different purposes and using plenty of role-play, dinosaur costumes and a green screen to read our writing aloud! 

Spring 2 heart

Continuing with our Dinosaur topic, we will be using our knowledge we have learned during Spring 1 and focusing on a more challenging text. The children will re-cap on spelling, grammar and punctuation that has previously been taught and work on using a range of features within their writing. We will be focusing on extending our vocabulary, closely looking at audience types and appropriate language for different genres. Some children will be taking part in weekly spelling tests to ensure they can spell and read the Year Two spellings.

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