One family in Christ


Curriculum intent


We believe that every child is a child of God; we will encourage in all children the knowledge and love of God, and in a concern and care for others; we will value each child for who they are and what they are; and we will ensure that every child has the opportunity to become the person God knows them to be, irrespective of their starting points, background or cultural and religious beliefs.


Our curriculum at St John’s RC Primary has been designed to:

  • Meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and, in EYFS, the Early Years framework using development matters
  • Recognise our children’s prior learning
  • Create deliberate links to ensure the skills and knowledge taught become part of their working memory
  • Be planned and delivered with a clear rationale and sequence
  • Provide first hand learning experiences
  • Support and challenge all children
  • Enrich the children’s educational entitlement and cultural capital

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