One family in Christ

Aims and Ethos

Our school is a community of:


We provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where children feel secure and supported. Each member of the school community is valued as an individual. We open our doors to children of all faiths and no faith, and value the contribution that each child next to the school.


We live our beliefs, demonstrating the Gospel values in our interactions with others. Our mission statement is exemplified through the actions of our pupils, staff, governors and the wider school community.


We ensure the well-being of our pupils through pastoral support, a safe and secure environment and by inspiring each child to achieve their potential.

We encourage and provide opportunities for our staff to develop personally and professionally, helping them to fulfil their calling in securing the school’s aims


We provide a broad and challenging curriculum, where teaching and learning and high expectations are informed by the Word of God.


We recognise the importance of worship, whether this is done together in assemblies and services, or alone in quiet reflection. We provide opportunities for parents to join us in our worship. Our pupils take a lead role in planning and delivering worship activities across the school


We recognise that parents are a child’s first educators; we wish to support parents, and be supported by them, in ensuring all pupils achieve their potential and make the most of their God-given gifts.

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