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Our first topic this year is 'Africa' and our 'Big Question' which we will be exploring this half term is ‘How can we make the world fair?’ The children have been discovering facts about the African Savannah through use of texts, images and videos. The children have been busy locating Africa on the map and learning facts about the continent during our Geography lessons! We will continue to research Africa and look at the other continents and oceans. The children will explore geographical language.



Our focus topic for Autumn 2 is 'London' and our big question is 'Why do we gather together?'. During this topic, the children will be exploring significant events (The Great Fire of London) and creating their own Pudding Lane! We will also be focusing on a signifcant individual (Samuel Pepys). We will be enjoying a drama workshop that is based in the 17th century and will have the chance to have a tour around a fire musuem! 



Our focus topic for Spring 1 is 'Dinosaurs' and our Big Question is 'Why do people do extraordinary things?'. We will be linking this with a significant individual 'Mary Anning'. The children will research facts about her life, exploring geographical vocabulary to explore where she lived. Throughout topic sessions, the children create their own fossils using clay! They will be making their own dinosaurs and using computing skills to create a short film to demonstrate their knowledge. 


Our Spring 2 topic will continue to be focused on 'dinosaurs'. Spring 1 allowed the children to explore Geography and History related to dinosaurs! Spring 2 will be focused on using their knowledge to teach the rest of the school. The children will be focusing on Art and Design and Technology to create, design and evaluate their own moving dinosaur. They will plan, prepare and built the dinosaur using the apporpiate tools. After this, they will focus on their science topic 'habiats' to create a background environment for their dinosaur. They will use this to record films to share with the rest of the school! smiley

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