One family in Christ

Religious Education


We started off our first topic with answering questions like 'Who is part of my family?’ and ‘who cares for and loves me?’. We then looked at some words from a Psalm together and thought about what the words meant. We then thought about which line from the Psalm was our favourite and why. There are some examples of our work in the photographs below.





Within our second topic ‘belonging’ we will be exploring how we belong to our own families but also what it means to belong to our school family, the church family and the wider community. We will listen to stories and scriptures about belonging to Gods family and explore how ‘Baptism’ is a way of welcoming someone into the family of the church. We will role play and sequence a ‘baptism’ and also visit our local church to identify some key objects that are used when someone is baptised.



‘Special People’ & ‘Meals’


Within the topic ‘Special people’ children will explore who the special people are in the church community. They will discover that families who live or worship in a parish are part of the parish family.  They will explore how this means there are people who have special roles within the parish.  They will learn about how on a Sunday, in church, we meet people who do special jobs as they gather to celebrate the Good News of Jesus.  Within the topic ‘Meals’ children will explore the story of the ‘last supper’ as well as learning the ‘Our Farther’ prayer and learning about what happens during communion time and how the parish family gathers for celebration at mass.

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