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Prayer and Liturgy

"I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer."

Psalm 17:6 

Prayer and Liturgy
Prayer and Liturgy are important in our everyday school life. Children say prayers before school begins, at lunchtime and at home time. They are also encouraged to pray however they would like to in our current prayer areas around school - a dedicated room as well as a prayer garden outside. These areas will be developed in the next year as they are part of our School Development plan. 

Spotaneous Prayer

There are prayer stations set up within school for the children to engage in spotaneous prayer. They have resources to support them in structing their prayer, if they wish to. The children enjoy using these spaces to reflect and be present with God, in any way they wish. 


Responding to the gospel

Classes take part in Liturgical prayer sessions daily - sometimes in the hall as a whole school and sometimes in their classrooms. Children make choices about how they gather, respond and go forth with the message from the Gospel of that week. Older children lead Liturgical prayer and plan carefully to make sure God's Word is understood by all.


Wider Community

At different times of the Liturgical year, we provide prayer bags for the children to take home. Staff open up their classrooms for 'Stay and Pray' sessions with parents to demonstrate how the bags can be used at home. 




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