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Spring 1

heart How to grow a dinosaur


In Spring 1 our texts are based on our topic ‘Dinosaurs’. The first text we will be reading is ‘How to grow a dinosaur’. We will start off by making predictions about the text, focusing on the title and how we can make predictions from this.  We will go on to explore interesting and new vocabulary, exploring the meaning of these. We will then go on to exploring features of instructions. This will include writing lists, with a focus on writing digits from 0-9, we will then be following instructions and writing instructions.

heart Tyrannosaurus Drip

The second text that we will be reading will be Tyrannosaurus Drip’. We will be focusing on retelling the story, forming our own sentences and writing about what is happening in the pictures. In order support this we will begin by sequencing the story, answering questions about the story and writing a dictated sentence.


heart Mad about dinosaurs

The third text we will be reading is ‘Mad about dinosaurs’. When we read this text we will focus on doing some poetry work as well as looking at features of non-fiction texts so we can build up to write a non-fiction page about our favourite dinosaur. We will join and read some of the poems in the text, learn some poems off by heart and then write some of our poems.  





heart Within Literacy lessons, we focus all of our work around a series of texts. This means that all of our reading and writing that we do, is based around the characters and the settings that we are learning about. Below is a little information about what we have been up to in Literacy! Please check the images below which link to the information here smiley


heart'Supertato' by Sue Hendra

To start off year 1, our Literacy lessons are based around Supertato. Firstly, we are focusing exploring the main character, and then we will move onto writing a character description. We will then role play the story focusing on key vocabulary and repeating key phrases, and then we will write a recount of the story.

Autumn 2

heart ‘Hansel and Gretel’ by Antony Browne

In Autumn 2 our texts are based on our topic ‘Fairy tales’. The first text we will be reading is the tradition tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’. Will be start off by making predictions about the text and the go on to reading the story and exploring interesting and new vocabulary.  We ill the work on answering comprehension questions about the text, to make sure that we really understand what is happening and use our own ideas to explain why and discuss our ideas. We will continue to focus on basic punctuation in our writing about the text, making sure that we include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in our sentence work.


heart ‘The great fairy tale disaster’ by David Conway

The second text that we will be reading will be ‘The great fairy tale disaster’. We will be reading the story and exploring interesting and new vocabulary, we will be exploring the meaning of new and interesting words. We will be learning about the prefix ‘un’ and how we can add it words as well as learning about suffixes (er, est, and ing). We will have lots of fun acting out and role playing the story, keep checking the website to see our photos and videos!

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