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heartThe Rainforest

Our first topic this year is 'The Rainforest' and our 'Big Question' which we will be exploring this half term is 'What on Earth?'. During our first lesson, we located rainforests around the world and explored the relationship of them to the equator. Below, there is a photograph of some of our classmates who did a super job. If you look closely, in the background you can see the new facts that we learnt in our very first lesson too! Within our second lesson, we focused on geographical vocabulary that links to the rainforest. We worked in groups to match the word with its definition and then as a class explored the meaning of each word and put it into context. During this topic, we have used green screen technology to explore the environment of the rainforest! We took the time to imagine what it must feel like and then wrote descriptive sentences using the images below. Year 5 have loved learning about the different layers of the rainforest this half term and now can discuss all of the different layers and the animals which can be found within them. Towards the end of our topic, we focused on deforestation which linked to one of our end of day stories - The Lorax! Below you will find photographs of our vist from 'The animal club' where we got the opportunity to meet many different animals which can be found in the rainforest. We loved this experiences and learnt so much.


Our topic during autumn 2 is 'Brazil' which we are very excited about. Our 'Big Question' is 'What makes us strong?'. Year 5's first lesson included us focussing on our map skills and then using them to locate Brazil and many of its features, such as famous rivers and cities. After completing this lesson, year 5 are now able to confidently use grid references, talk about the difference between a political map and a map that shows the physical enviroments, dicuss the meaning of scale, and use a key which explains the meaning of symbols within a map/atlas. Have a look at the photos below which show us engrossed within our Atlases! During this topic we have compared Brazil to the UK and also looked at the living and working conditions in this part of South America! Towards the end of our Brazil topic, we loved using our design and technology skills to design a carnival mask. Once we had designed our mask, we then created it. Have a look at our fancy masks below - ooh la la!

heartA computing workshop with Computer Explorers!

During this computing workshop, we created a basic jukebox program using micro:bit and the MakeCode Editor. We learnt how to hack our headphones to create a speaker for the programme too! By the end of our workshop, we were able to explain the meaning of 'USB', identify the mirco-USB Connector, use programmable buttons and locate external connectors. Thank-you Griffin for a super afternoon!

heartThe Suffragette Movement

This half term, we are focussing on the big question 'Can one person change the world?'. We started off by looking at key vocabulary, then moved on to look at key dates within The Suffragette Movement. Next, we used the greenscreen to relive the suffragette riots! We then used our photographs to write descriptive sentences. Have a look at our pictures below!


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