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Each class has its own web page, here you will find information of upcoming topics the class will be taking part in, what they have already achieved, trips they have been on and photographs.

Follow this link for more information about the National Curriculum for Primary Schools:

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Early Years Foundation Stage: St. Hope 1

Teachers: Mrs Z. Tillat and Miss N Hockey

Early Years Foundation Stage: St. Hope 2

Teachers: Mrs Z. Tillat and Miss N Hockey

Teaching assistants: Ms D. Nyarikundo, Miss I. Anwar and Miss L. Dunphy


Key stage 1 classes

Class 1: St. Jude

Teacher: Mrs L. Campbell and Mrs R. Hickman

Teaching assistant: Miss W. O'Connell and Mrs P. Wilding

Class 2: St. Bernadette

Teacher: Miss L. McGuigan

Teaching assistant: Mrs K. Welsby


Key Stage 2 classes

Class 3: St. Francis Xavier

Teacher: Mr Lamb

Teaching assistant: Mrs K. Boardman

Class 4: St. Blaise

Teacher: Mr I. Salim

Teaching assistant: Ms L. Farragher


Class 5: St. Teresa

Teacher: Miss R. Reynolds

Teaching assistant: Miss K. Jackson

Class 6: St. Christopher

Teacher: Miss R.Pinto

Teaching assistant: Mrs K.Peter

Class 6: St. George

Teacher: Mrs R. Smillie

Teaching assistant: 

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