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Year 6 - St. George 2021 - 2022

Miss McGuigan

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Teachers: Miss McGuigan and Miss Whitehouse

Teaching assistant: Mrs Welsby


Here is a little look at what we will be learning during Spring 2 ...

Literacy - All of our work in Literacy will be based around the book 'A Monster Calls' by Patrick Ness. We will be exploring different features that will support us when writing a persuasive speech in the perspective of the monster. As we continue to read the book, the children will focus on building atmosphere within their writing, using specific language and grammar to support the purpose of their writing.

Maths -  During Spring 2, we will  be learning about Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. Children will be able to answer Arithmetic style questions in these areas such as: converting from mixed to improper fractions, ordering fractions and to find both fractions or percentages of amounts. Children will be able to answer problem solving questions in these areas and to provide the reasoning behind the answer they provide.

RE - This half term in RE, our topics are 'Sources' and 'Death'. We will be looking at Hebrew Scriptures from the Old Testament. We will be learning about the Torah and the Dead Sea scrolls. The children will be discussing what 'Bread' Jesus is referring to when he said "The bread I give is my life. I give it to be the life of the world".

Topic - This half term we will learning about 'The Mayans'. The children will be exploring the Mayan inventions and why they are important. They will be practising making some of the inventions outside, alongside a Mayan home and a bow and arrow. We will be exploring the Mayan civilisation, looking at the religion and how they communicated through writing. We will be participating in a debate, based on John Lloyd Steven's idea to bring tourists to discover the Mayan's way of life.

Science - Our Science topic this half term is 'Animals including Humans'. The children will be indentifying main parts of the human circulatory system, describing functions of the heart and blood vessels. The children will be discussing the ways in which nutrients and water ate transported within animals, including humans. 

Class Updates

  • Seesaw: We are focusing on using Seesaw to extending our learning, ensuring children are having the chance to practise and consolidate what they learn each school day. There are activities that cover all parts of the curriculum, enabling children to continue their hard work at home. 
  • Dojos: There will be a big focus on children practising work on Seesaw, learning their spellings, practising their arithmetic skills and reading at home. Children will receive two Dojos each for their hard work and dedication towards all of the above 
  • Arithmetic zones: Children who move zones, or continue to stay in a zone and increase their marks, they are rewarded by an extra 5 minutes  on a chosen break time 

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