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Year 6 - St. George 2019 - 2020

Mrs Smillie

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Teacher: Mrs. Smillie

Teaching assistant: Mrs.Farragher


Here is a little look at what we will be learning about in the first half term of the new year...

Literacy - All of our work in literacy will be based around the book 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'. We will be writing an informal letter from the protagonist to his friends, a character description and a playscript. The text complements our work in topic which is learning about World War 2 from a German perspective.

Maths - In maths will be focussing on place value, including numbers to a milliion, comparing and ordering, rounding and negative numbers. Will will also have a focus on the four operations and will look at the different ways that we can do long division. We will also look at prime numbers.

RE - This half term in RE we will be focussing on the domestic church and family. We will consider the importance of God's love in our lives and investigate unconditional love. We will think about the joys and sorrows of family life and understand that as God's chosen ones we are to clothe ourselves in compassion, meekness and patience.

Topic - This half term will will continue the work the class undertook in Year 5 on World War 2 and consider it from a different perspective. We will think about the effect of war on the German people (and those living in the surrrounding countries) and think about how the propaganda of the day made them think and feel. Our Big Question for this half term is 'Can any good come from loss and death?' and we will investigate how many people were courageous enough to save both children and adults from the situation they found themselves in through some lessons on Kindertransport and learn about how those children adapted to their new lives in England. 

Music - This half term we will be learning to play brass instruments every Wednesday morning. The children will be learning to play both solo and in an ensemble. They will also be learning about rythym and tempo during these lessons. Towards the end of the term there will be a performance to which parents will be invited to attend.

Science - Year 6 will be learning about 'Light' in this half term. We will investigate how light travels and whether it can be bent. We will also consider how shadows work and use our maths knowledge to calculate a person's height based upon the length of their shadow. 


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