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Year 5 - St. Teresa 2019 - 2020

Miss Reynolds


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Teacher: Miss. Reynolds

Teaching assistant: Miss. Jackson


Here is a quick insight into the type of things that we will be learning about during Autumn 1:

Literacy - This half term, we are basing all of our Literacy work around 'Jumanji' by Chris Van Allsburg. We will start off by writing a formal letter in the role of Judy and then we are going to write a recount of the story where we will recap all of the year 4 writing objectives.

Reading - Within guided reading, we will be reading 'Fire, Phantoms and Footie' which is a guided reading book which is appropriately pitched for year 5 readers. Within our guided reading sessions, we will be looking at the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary, retrieving facts from the text and beginning to infer character's feelings.

Numeracy - During Autumn 1, we will be focusing on 'Number' which will include looking at: place value, addition and subtraction.

Science - 'Living things and their habitats' is this half term's topic. Within this topic we will be looking at the reproduction of plants and the lifecycles of insects, amphibians and mammals.

History and Geography - Our topic this half term is 'The Rainforest' and our big question is 'What on earth?'. Within this topic we will: locate the rainforest and explore its relationship with the equator, look at the layers of the rainforest, learn about the people and the animals of the rainforest  and also learn about the impact of deforestation.

Religious Education - Over Autumn 1, our topics will be 'Ourselves' and 'life choices'. Within the first topic, we will look at our unique God given qualities and our appreciation of difference, and within out second topic, we will explore how we all have a mission in life.


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