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Year 4 - St. Blaise 2019 - 2020

Miss Pinto


heartHello and welcome to Year 4's class page! We hope that you enjoy looking at all of our work!smiley


Teacher: Miss. Pinto

Teaching assistant: Ms. Nyarikundo


Here is a quick insight into the type of things that we will be learning about during Autumn 1:

Literacy - This half term, we are basing all of our Literacy work around the book ‘The Iron Woman’ by Ted Hughes. We will be completing a range of extended writing based on the text, including a diary entry from the perspective of Lucy, a character description of the Iron Woman and an informal letter from Lucy to Hogarth. In our build up to our piece of writing, we will be focusing on the Year 4 writing objectives. We will also use this text to answer a range of comprehension questions.

Numeracy - During Autumn 1, we will be focusing on 'Number' which will include looking at: Roman numerals to 100, rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, partitioning and negative numbers. We will then move onto ‘Addition and Subtraction’.

Science – ‘Sound’ is this half term's topic. Within this topic we will be identifying how sounds are made, recognising that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear and finding patterns between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrations that produced it. We will be working towards creating our own product to prevent sound.

History and Geography - Our topic this half term is ‘The Romans’ and our big question is ‘What makes a good leader?' Within this topic we will find out about the founding of Rome, the Roman invasion and the Roman ruling system. We will also create our own mosaics and plan design and create chariots.

Religious Education - Over Autumn 1, our topics will be 'People' and ‘Called'. Within the first topic, we will look at what family means to us and learning about Jesus’ ancestors. Within our second topic, we will explore how everyone is chosen at some time or the other and how we are chosen for different things and for different reasons.

Art and Design- Our art and design worked will be linked to ‘The Romans’. As part of our work we will be researching and creating our own mosaics and designing and making our own chariots.

MFL- The language we will be learning this year is French. We will begin by learning the vowel sounds, learning simple greetings and how to give people our name and numbers from 1 to 12.


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