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Year 4 - St. Blaise 2019 - 2020

Miss Pinto


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Teacher: Miss. Pinto

Teaching assistant: Ms. Nyarikundo


Here is a quick insight into the type of things that we will be learning about during Autumn 2:

Literacy - This half term we will continue reading ‘The Iron Woman’ by Ted Hughes. We will be completing a range of extended writing based on the text, including a recount of what happened in the factory, a newspaper report and a setting description. In our build up to our piece of writing, we will be focusing on the Year 4 writing objectives. We will also use this text to answer a range of comprehension questions.

Numeracy - In Autumn 2, we will start by looking at ‘Length and Perimeter’. We will then move on to ‘Multiplication and Division Facts’ and finally we will consolidate all our learning so far in Year 4.

Science – ‘Electricity’ is this half term's topic. Within this topic we will learn all about electrical circuits and test materials' ability to conduct electricity. Finally, we will put our knowledge of circuits on display by building our own circuit to create a buzz-wire game.

History and Geography - Our topic this half term is ‘Stone Age to the Iron Age’ and our big question is ‘How and why do things change?' Children learn about life in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, a period covering a million years of history. As well as understanding the chronology of this fascinating time, children will learn about the food, homes, technology and art and how each of these areas developed and changed over time and how amazing developments occurred from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Religious Education - Over Autumn 2, our topics will be 'Gift' and ‘Community'. Within the first topic, we will explore how Jesus is a gift of love to all people. Within our second topic, we will explore how lay people help to build up the local community.

Art and Design- Our art and design worked will be linked to the Stone Age to the Iron Age. As part of our work we will be making round houses and making some of the food they ate during this period of time.

MFL- The language we will be learning this year is French. We will begin by learning the vowel sounds, learning simple greetings and how to give people our name and numbers from 1 to 12.

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