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Year 3 - St. Francis Xavier 2019 - 2020

Mrs Hickman

Mrs Campbell

heartHello and welcome to year 3's class page! We hope that you enjoy looking at all of our work! smiley


Teacher: Miss Rizvi


Teaching assistant: Mrs. Peters


Here is a quick overview of our learning for Autumn 2:

Literacy – This half term, we are reading ‘Beowulf’ by Rob Lloyd Jones. It is a child-friendly version of an Anglo Saxon epic poem. We will be writing a diary as Beowulf, a newspaper report, our own hero myth, and some poems too.

Reading - Within guided reading, we will be finishing reading ‘Tale Twisters’, a guided reading book which is appropriately pitched for year 3 readers. Within our guided reading sessions, we will be looking at the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary, retrieving facts from the text and beginning to infer character's feelings.

Numeracy - During Autumn 2, we will be focusing on 'Number' which will include looking at: addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. Please continue to encourage your child to practise their times tables.

Science – Our topic is ‘Rocks and Fossils’. We will be classifying and comparing different rocks and looking at their physical properties. We will also be learning about Mary Anning and will be finding out how fossils are made. During this topic, we will be setting up practical enquiries and fair tests, and will be recording and reporting on our findings. We will conclude the topic by setting up a 'Rocks and Fossils museum'.

Our big question in Autumn 1 is:

'Should people be able to live wherever they want in the world?'

Our big question in Autumn 2 is:

'Are visitors always welcome?'

Our topic and our RE lessons link together to consider these questions. 

The Anglo-Saxons were invaders and settlers. They moved from one county to another for various reasons. We will consider how this happens in the world today and the difficulties people face. 

Our main topic is all about the Anglo-Saxons. We will begin by finding our about when the Anglo-Saxons were around and looking at timelines. We will move onto researching the basic needs of an Anglo-Saxon settlement and designing our own,  designing and making an Anglo-Saxon building based on research into the materials and techniques they used. We will investigate the food and drink of the Anglo-Saxons, design a week’s menu and cook some of their recipes. Having found out about the way the Anglo-Saxons made their own clothes, we will try our hand at dyeing with natural dyes and weaving some fabric. We will also research the work and leisure of the Anglo-Saxon people, play their board games and make up our own. 

In RE we begin with homes and considering what makes a house a home. We move onto Baptism and how, through Baptism, we are part of God's family. We finish the term with a unit about Judaism and a focus on the synagogue and a final unit about Advent. 

In MFL we learn French. During this year, we will look at: greetings, feelings, vowels, numbers, animals and foods. The children learn through talking! Lots of conversations, songs and rhymes.

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