One family in Christ

Year 2 - St. Bernadette 2022 - 2023

Miss McGuigan




At St John the Baptist Catholic Primary school we welcome you and your child into our Year 2 classroom. 

Our Year 2 classroom classroom has been carefully designed to ensure that children are provided with a fantastic learning enviroment which allows them to close gaps in their learning and develops their skills. 

We have an amazing curriculum ahead of us which will provide children with wonderful experiences, enhance their learning and develop their skills. 

In addition to our amazing learning themes, we have daily phonics/guided reading, maths and Literacy. 

Our daily phonics sessions consist of children recapping the sounds which are essential for their reading, learning the new sound and applying their phonetic knowledge to sound out and blend unfamiliar and alien words such as those they will encounter in the Phonics Screening test. To find out more, or get some ideas to play at home, please follow this link:

During our guided reading sessions, children have the opportunity to use and develop their reading skills. The children read some text and answer a range of questions. We encourage the children to refer back to the text to find the answer itself or any clues which would help them answer the question. We would like to thank the families who are reinforicing these skills at home whilst reading with their child. 

Our maths lessons are equipped with a range of manipulatives which the children can use to support their learning. We have been working hard to learn the different mathematical skills and our next step forward is to apply those skills to real life problems. The children are working on their reasoning and problem solving skills. On seesaw, the children recieve a flashback 4 activity which allows them to keep practicing the skills we have learnt from previous topic. In addtion to this, children will recieve a problem solving task where they can choose how they respond using the appropriate method .e.g. voice recording or written answer

Our literacy lessons are linked to our exciting themes and the children have the opportunities to hear a range of fascinating texts which enrich their imaginations. The different texts provide wonderful opportunities for a range of excellent writing using our Year 2 features. We follow the structure of unpicking the purpose of our writing, recognising the audience and features to  ensure that our writing meets it's purpose. 

In Year 2 we use Seesaw. Seesaw is a secure online Learning platform which is used to enhnace the skills learnt in school. Please encure that your child is able to access Seesaw where possible as this is a very crucial part of their learning journey. Homework activities are regularly set to allow your child to continue practicing the skills learnt and apply their learning. 



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