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Year 2 - St. Bernadette 2020 - 2021

Miss Ilyas

heart Hello and welcome to Year 2’s class page! I hope you enjoy having a look at what we are learning this term smiley


Teacher: Miss Ilyas

Teaching assistant: Miss Irum



Here is a quick insight into the type of things that we will be learning about during Autumn 1:


Literacy - This term we will be reading the books ‘Three by the Sea’ and ‘Traction Man’ by Mini Grey and ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. We will use these books to explore the intentions of the authors and write our own alternative endings to these stories. We will also use our reading skills to explore the thoughts and feelings of characters and look at a range of letters, exploring their purposes and features.  This will inform our ‘thank you’ letters which we will be writing in the role of Superworm’s character.


Reading – We will be continuing our daily phonics interventions that will allow us to develop our phonetic knowledge which we can use to support us whilst reading. Some children will be working their way through comprehension booklets which allow them to practise and develop their reading skills. The children will also have opportunities to enjoy various types of texts which they can find within our reading garden.


Numeracy - During Autumn 1, we will be focusing on place value and addition and subtraction. The children will use their number sense and their understanding of the value of each digit in a numeral to complete addition and subtraction calculations. They will then apply this knowledge to answer one step word problems that represent these calculations.


Science – Within our science lessons this term, we will be focusing on animals including humans. We will be looking at healthy animals and humans in particular, by exploring the life cycle of a chick, basic needs for survival and the importance of exercise and healthy eating for humans.


Art & Design and Technology  - We will be using our knowledge and skills to design, make and evaluate a toy car for a Victorian child.


Religious Education - During our RE lessons, we will be focusing on beginnings, where we will explore the different types of beginnings we have had and our feelings about them. Then we will use the creation story to explain how God was there at the start and how he created everything in the world, including the world itself. We will discuss the permanent presence of God in our lives and the importance of it.

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