One family in Christ

Year 2 - St. Bernadette 2019 - 2020

Miss McGuigan

heart Hello and welcome to Year 2’s class page! I hope you enjoy having a look at what we are learning this term smiley


Teacher: Miss McGuigan

Teaching assistant: Miss Irum

1:1 support: Miss Wilding


Here is a quick insight into the type of things that we will be learning about during Autumn 2:

Literacy - This half term, we are basing all of our work on 'London' as this is our key topic. We will be reading 'The Queen's Orangutan' and 'The Queen's Knickers'. The children will be exploring the royal family and identifying London's wonderful landscapes! The children will be focusing on making sure they are using phonics to help them spell and spelling the KS1 common exception words accurately. 

Reading – The children will be tackling comprehension booklets that are allowing them to practise their reading skills. The children will complete a comprehension task and have time to following day to go through an discuss the questions/answers with support. We are reading ‘Mr Stink’ by David Walliams in our guided reading sessions and some children are continuing with daily phonics interventions.

Numeracy - During Autumn 2, we will be focusing on 'Fractions' and 'Multiplication' which will include looking at: place value, doubling and halving, arrays and inverse. Children will be completing a weekly arithmetic test that will allow them to practise their skills independently.

Science – We are exploring ‘Materials' this half term. Within this topic we will be focusing on identifying, comparing and describing the properities of many common materials. The children will be using a range of materials to create houses to create their own Pudding Lane.

History and Geography - Our topic this half term is 'London' and our big question is 'Why do we gather together?'. Within this topic we will looking at significvant event (The Great Fire of London) and focusing on Samuel Pepys. The children will be exploring a map of London and indentifying landmarks.

Religious Education - Over Autumn 2, our topics will be 'Belonging' and 'Judaism'. Within the first topic, we will look at Baptism, focusing on the symbolism of Baptism and indentifying things that we may find in the church. We will take time to reflect during our class collective worships and join in with prayers and songs. 

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