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Welcome to Year 4 - St. Blaise

Teacher : Mr I Salim and Teaching Assistant Ms L Faragher

                                                                                          Whole year overview 2018-2019

                                                                                             Autumn Newsletter 

Year 4 enjoying Forest School work

We have been incredibly lucky this year to work with some young people from Rochdale Sixth Form College on an art and drama project.  Each week we have completed different activities in small groups, all based on our local area of Rochdale. We have done freeze frames based on things you would see and do at the Town Hall, thought about who is a positive role model for us in the local community and most importantly, had a great time creating something special and building relationships.

Year 4 have had a Science Topic on sound and they created their own string telephones which we tested in the playground.  We investigated how sound would travel and we found that sound waves travel better when the string is pulled tight compared to when the string is loose. We all have had a lot of fun.

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